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Always looking for experience and freelance work, my skills are in marketing, PR and social media management. Despite a broad portfolio in a variety of industries, I specialise in creative projects. In particular, music and fashion marketing. I stand for mental health awareness and women in the music industry via activism/journalism. I think it’s so important to make our industry safer and empower those around us – I maintain this ethos in all of my work.

I’ve been self-employed since starting Northumbria University in 2018. From there I’ve built a successful music community based on raising money and awareness for breast cancer. Since the launch of Tits Upon Tyne in 2019, a following has been built via my website that aids aspiring writers and musicians in providing a platform to showcase their work.

My experience in live music event management and independent running of the campaign has led me to run my own events off-brand (The Mess Society at MSA, Newcastle) – in the hopes of providing something new in Newcastle’s club scene.

Along with side events and PR campaigns, I have also been a freelance journalist. Starting my internship in 2014, I have had works published on my platforms as well as other established sites. Over time, I have produced many reviews for I’m Not From London as well as other publications.


Brave Exhibitions

Social Media Assistant and Official Partner [Tits Upon Tyne]

Tits Upon Tyne


Where are the girl bands?

Freelance wed design and content management.

Coat Rack Records

Co-Founder and Director

Intarsia Records

Co-founder and Creative Director for Releases.



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