Current Roles & Projects

Creative and Cultural Agent

As a freelancer, my priority is ethical practice and activism within the arts, but also to communicate and understand the reasoning behind the event itself and the people involved within it. My Media and Journalism BA has provided me with a great foundation for a career path in social sciences and field practice; I am able to utilise this every day but in different environments.


The beautiful thing is that projects bring me in to work alongside them, providing proactive discourse with the community they are also a part of. My aim is to assist for growth in personal arts practice and ask myself questions in a bid to further understand the community I am working next to. I do this as a creative freelancer - maybe on one project as a consultant in community communication and representation, or incorporating ethics into media and marketing strategy at my own events.


Currently my roster is packed solid with a vast portfolio of projects; a variety of roles brings a new experience every week that is a huge learning opportunity I can take onto my next freelance job. Working across the entire arts sector, I hope to become a well rounded individual with a contemporary approach. As it stands, I am working with many individuals who also have community at the core of their practice - it is also pivotal to me that my own work should never take away from the culture surrounding it. In a role that is very hands on, I get to network with a multitude of industry professionals who have their own story behind their own arts practice and cultural institutions.


I’ve been self-employed since starting university in 2018. From there I’ve built a DIY music community, focusing on raising money and awareness in aid of breast cancer. Since the launch of Tits Upon Tyne in 2019, a following has been built via my website that aids aspiring writers and musicians in providing a platform to showcase their work.


For reference: “Cultural agency” refers to a range of creative activities that contribute to society e.g. research, activism, and the arts [University Press]


Portfolio includes: 


Press, Stage Management, Journalist, PR Specialist, Social Media Assistant, Event Management, Creative Director, Cultural Agent, Consultant, Community Marketing, Artist & Repertoire, Merchandising and Box Office.




Always looking for experience and freelance work, my skills are in marketing, PR and social media management. Despite a broad portfolio in a variety of industries, I specialise in creative projects. In particular, music and fashion marketing. I stand for mental health awareness and women in the music industry via activism/journalism. I think it’s so important to make our industry safer and empower those around us – I maintain this ethos in all of my work.

I’ve been self-employed since starting Northumbria University in 2018. From there I’ve built a successful music community based on raising money and awareness for breast cancer. Since the launch of Tits Upon Tyne in 2019, a following has been built via my website that aids aspiring writers and musicians in providing a platform to showcase their work.

My experience in live music event management and independent running of the campaign has led me to run my own events off-brand (The Mess Society at MSA, Newcastle) – in the hopes of providing something new in Newcastle’s club scene.

Along with side events and PR campaigns, I have also been a freelance journalist. Starting my internship in 2014, I have had works published on my platforms as well as other established sites. Over time, I have produced many reviews for I’m Not From London as well as other publications.


Who have I worked with?

Intarsia Records

Tits Upon Tyne

I'm Not From London

Ouseburn  Farm

Wired 4 Music

Brave Exhibitions

Liberty Music PR

Forward NE

Generator [Generator Live]

Shin Gigs

DHP Family

Eastside Events

Youth Music

The Cluny

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