Alix Alixandra PR Campaign and Press Release 2021

Updated: May 18



"I am pretty much as clueless about music publicity and how to professionally release an album as anyone could get - so my initial message to Coat Rack Records was me tentatively looking for advice and prices.

Natalie got back to me quickly with an easy breakdown of services and the offer for a video chat about what I might be looking for. I didn’t feel clueless, I was helped to understand my options and guided trough Coat Rack’s process. The prices are amazing – I expected to be asked for £100s of pounds, but it was totally affordable. I secured a contract for the PR Pick N Mix, which included a Press Pack to get my album out to reviewers which has already given me a stellar review, Freelance promotion which has grown my fan base on social media and YouTube, and Merchandise! T shirts with my album artwork on which I adore!!

Natalie made everything easy for me and handled everything super professionally. I signed off on all artistic decisions but had complete confidence in the direction she took. It was totally in keeping with my aesthetics and really it gave me a huge confidence boost about my music too.

Affordable services, with an emphasis on helping women in music, from my home city. Just a joy to work with, so professional and gave me real results!! It’s been a pleasure working with Coat Rack Records and I would highly recommend them to anyone with songs to master or release."


I've lived in the North East for 17 years, and have been playing music around the place for 10 years. I live in Heaton with my poet husband and our flat is full of books and vinyl. Our love of music is a passion we share. I'm currently a mature student studying sociology at Northumbria University. I am a passionate feminist and socialist so my political view informs my music. In 2015, I released an album of 6 tracks. The album, ‘Hope is an Animal’, is a collection of songs written since then and are about love, hope and anger. I am greatly inspired by singer-songwriters such as Martha Wainwright, Regina Spektor, and John Grant - all are people who write about their lived reality in a way that makes it accessible and relatable to their diverse audiences. I am not a prolific writer, though I wish I could be, but the songs I do manage to write mean a lot to me as they are snapshots of how I feel about the world. I believe the personal is political.


"An underrated folk album to look out for in Newcastle"

Wasteland Music