'because of the times' podcast - episode 7 with guest, Nat Greener.

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

@titsupontyne founder nat greener (@solemnverse) talked about her own troublesome experiences within the music industry, empowering women, safe spaces within the industry + more. Twitter

Twitter @bcofthetimes

Nat is the person behind North East independent site ‘Tits upon Tyne’ championing North East women in music as well as bringing attention to important issues on a local and more general scale, a prime example being the allegations against SSD in recent weeks.

Tits upon Tyne was originally started for breast cancer awareness due to her mam’s diagnosis, thankfully she made a full recovery and is now in remission, it has since evolved into something much bigger with multiple contributors on the site for different pieces of content.

Nat says she’s been in and around the industry from the age of 14, in her home City of Nottingham.

“I’m very lucky that Nottingham’s music industry is not vey monopolised, it’s very competitive so everyone’s on their game.

It’s really good for creative expression”

She goes on to talk about the lack of a female figurehead during that time she was growing in Nottingham.

“It’s something that really has upset me in the last few years

Not being able to have someone around me who understands what I’ve been through as a woman in music

they are out there, they are accessible, they’re just not given a platform to speak out”

She goes on to talk about levelling the playing field between men and women highlighting how we should be working with female producers, female sound technicians, and giving them those opportunities.

“I think it’s very much the industry is a boys club, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”

Nat also speaks out about disdain towards the idea of ‘female fronted’ being classed as a genre, looking at how if it was a different minority group or someone fronting with a disability, this wouldn’t be pioneered on posters.

On her own bad experiences within the industry, Nat spoke very candidly about working with a studio owner who manipulated her and fabricated things about her such as making up stories about her sex life. This had a bad mental effect on her moving forwards due to the rumours that were spread.

“The fact a lot of women are threatened with like blacklisting it’s awful

do you want your mental health or your career, because you can’t have both in music”

Nat has also recently started up Coatrack Records, with her friend hoping to manage and promote women in the music industry head on whilst also giving and developing a safe space for women in the industry.

“I looked at my coatrack and was like they’re all different but cohesively they look good together

so that’s where the name coatrack came from

I don’t think there’s many places that specialise on women in music”

Nat also confirms they’ll be looking to put some gigs on post-COVID, which we’re very excited about.

When asked about her picks for the bctimes guest listenings playlist she picked ‘Citrus’ by Abnorm describing it as a “bop”. ‘Seashore’ by The Regrettes as that’s been her empowerment song in recent times.

Also throwing in some Kate Nash as she recently followed the Tits Upon Tyne Instagram page, her final pick coming in the form of Meat Loaf.

What Tits upon Tyne is doing is pivotal to the music scene in Newcastle and beyond, highlighting these issues that effect women in the industry day to day but are often overlooked or not taken seriously in what is a male dominated industry. We wish Nat and everyone else involved the best success for the future.