MERUNISA 'NO LONGER' RELEASE : Social Media Assets and pre-save campaign

Updated: Aug 13

Assets by Natalie Greener, Visual Director at Intarsia Records - in collaboration with Kaleidoscope Artist Management [funded by Youth Music].

EPK by Natalie Greener for Intarsia Records


Wix and Adobe Illustrator, original image by Jess Doolan. Videos by ZUKA


Caption: It's finally time to announce our Label's debut release - NO LONGER by [INSERT Merunisa handles], featuring [INSERT Zuka handles] - 4th October, save the date!

We started this journey in the hopes of finding a project where we could work one-to-one with an artist that reflected us creatively as a label. We can safely say this track truly resembles the work ethic we maintained through planning, production and the final presentation of the hard work put in. So proud of our team and everyone who has been involved!

Watch this space for some funky announcements following today's news...

Inspired by the film, ‘Joker’, this atmospheric, evocative single takes on an exciting cinematic approach, exploring new sonic avenues, in collaboration with West-Midlands based producer ZUKA.

Release by Intarsia Records 2021, London.

Recorded at Park Studios JQ with Alastair Jamieson (Sound Engineer), Produced by ZUKA.

INTARSIA RECORDS Label credits - Tarnjeet Johal, Eve Simpson, Natalie Greener, Nat O’Lynn, Jordan Davidson and Ryan Peebles. Release in collaboration with Kaleidoscope Artist Management, Newcastle Upon Tyne; funding by Youth Music, UK.