MERUNISA : Photoshoot for Release Campaign Assets

As part of the Kaleidoscope Artist Management Internship. Featuring the Release Campaign's Creative Director, Natalie Greener (Intarsia Records Representative), MERUNISA (Artist) and Jess Doolan (Photographer and Creative Direction).

London, 11.07.2021 [14:00 GB]

The photoshoot concept can be described as a 90s infused throwback, similar to the trending Instagram filters currently circulating. For example; Beige Trip, Graphics Trip and Paper Magazine by Glamouraesth, capture the iconic R&B, Hip-Hop naughties aesthetic from an urban perspective. The fish-eye style would be something fun to explore with but if not, the edit will be crucial in ensuring the modern-retro feel. Research notices recurring bright colours; suggesting we could be achieved through street art and graffiti. The 'Joker' theme expressed in the creative brief express that feeling of being detached/layered, not in touch with the reality of what the original picture was or represents.

PHOTOSHOOT CONCEPT : Inspiration by Natalie Greener

STYLING/MAKE-UP MOOD BOARD : Inspiration by Natalie Greener

LOCATION : Inspiration by Natalie Greener

Design Brief:

  • What’s the inspiration behind this project?

The main inspiration of this project was the ‘Joker’ 2019 film which was directed by Todd Phillips. I really loved the film when I saw it for the first time I instantly felt the melancholy emotions portrayed in the film.

  • What are you trying to achieve from your music?

I’m trying to get the listeners to feel as if they’re in another reality whilst listening to the song. If I can take their mind off real life just for a moment then I know I’ve done a good job.

  • What are your expectations of the artwork/artist?

My expectations for the artwork would be to make sure I reflect the sinister and mysterious vibe from the track. I’d want an image of myself being the centre frame as well as a really well decorated set. Definitely something original that depicts the feeling of insanity.

  • What are the strengths of your music?

The lyrics and melodies. I say the lyrics because they tell a story of the Joker’s insanity as well as what I’d think he’d be feeling. The melodies are another strength because they carry the listener through the song, keeping them entertained and more engaged.

  • What do you like or dislike about your previous branding?

I liked how I was able to be viewed in a more professional light however I dislike the effort and the overall image of looking like just a instagram singer. I want to be appreciated and seen as an established artist, not someone who’s not taking it seriously.

  • Who is your target listener? Is this for a feminine, masculine or gender-neutral audience?

Gender-neutral I’d say. I mainly make music for myself but I want everyone who’s anyone to enjoy it.

  • What age group are you targeting? Are there any cultural concerns with your audience?

Probably between 18-30’s age group. I don’t have any cultural concerns with my audience.